Healthy lifestyles

Nutrition at the CPE

Food occupies an important place in the daily life of our little ones. In our environment, sharing a meal or a snack is four times on the schedule of a day. It goes without saying that this occupies a special place and that is why the CPE of Bombardier Aeronautics employees gives great importance to healthy eating and that we have put in place different actions.

A healthy diet begins with what is found in the child's plate. At the CPE of Bombardier Aeronautics employees, we are lucky enough to be able to supply organic and local fruits and vegetables. During the harvest season, more specifically from May to November, the CPE mainly supplies itself from the west of the island, among others in the gardens of Carya.

Then of course our chefs are at the heart of this healthy diet. Each center therefore has a kitchen where experienced and trained chefs work. All meals and snacks are therefore cooked on site by them with attention and love.

Physical activity at the CPE

At the CPE of Bombardier Aeronautics employees, physical activity occupies a great place in our daily life, since it is essential to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. We favor both outdoor physical activities and those indoors.

In each of our facilities, we have outdoor courses full of challenges that adapt to the development of each child. We are lucky enough to have sandboxes, climbing modules, bike tracks, construction spaces, water games, spaces for group games and a lot of material to meet the different needs and interests of children. It is essential for us that the children go outside every day. This contributes to maintaining good health. With favorable weather conditions, children should play outside as often as possible, and at least once a day. There has recently been a change in the Regulation on Early Childhood Education and Care Services that translates, among other things, into an obligation that children go outside at least 60 minutes every day. As a CPE, it is important for us to apply this regulation.

At the CPE, we are very lucky. In addition to having large outdoor play spaces, each of our facilities is equipped with a motor room where there is a climbing wall as well as a wide variety of material promoting the motor development of children. This therefore allows us to promote physical activity indoors in our daily life, regardless of weather conditions.

Physical activity is beneficial in many ways. First of all, it encourages children to develop their physical condition, their motor skills and to become aware of their body schema. Then, it helps to improve their health by contributing to the maintenance of their physical well-being, that is to say that it allows them to strengthen their muscles, joints, heart, lungs and much more.

Finally, it should be noted that at the CPE of Bombardier Aeronautics employees, physical activity and outdoor games occupy a great place in our daily life.