Accueillir la petite enfance

Accueillir la petite enfance is the educational program applied by early childhood education services. It guides all areas of our daily lives.

This program has different objectives. First, it aims to promote educational quality in all early childhood education services, based on five basic principles:

  1. the partnership between the ECEC system and parents is essential to the harmonious development of the child;
  2. the child learns through play;
  3. the child is the main actor of his development;
  4. each child is unique
  5. child development is a holistic and integrated process.

Second, Accueillir la petite enfance aims to foster consistency in educational practices. In other words, it allows the various educational child care services in Quebec to harmonize their educational practices.

Finally, this educational program aims to promote the continuity of educational interventions for children during their early childhood. It harmonizes the interventions that are presented to young children in educational childcare services who will then move on to the school environment.

To find the full version of the educational program, we invite you to follow the following link. There you will find the full PDF version of the Welcome the Early Years educational program.

Gazelle and Pumpkin

In 2014, the Department of Families prepared a framework to create environments conducive to healthy eating, active play, and motor development in early childhood education child care. It is called Gazelle and Pumpkin. More specifically, the Gazelle and Pumpkin reference framework acts as a tool for people working in early childhood. In order to produce this tool, the Ministère de la Famille collaborated with Petite enfance, Grande forme, the Ministère de la Santé and several other partners

As early childhood professionals, we know that early childhood is a crucial period in the development of children and we believe that it is by acting early that we allow children to acquire healthy lifestyle habits. Gazelle and Pumpkin proposes different orientations and practices to be favoured. As an educational daycare, it is important for us to put them forward

We invite you to consult our page on healthy lifestyle habits to learn more about what the Bombardier Aerospace employees' daycare center has implemented over the past few years

To find the full version of the framework, we invite you to follow the link below. There you will find the full PDF version of Gazelle and Pumpkin.

Educational platform

In addition to applying the Welcoming Early Childhood program and using the Gazelle et Pumpkin reference framework, we are proud to have a pedagogical platform that represents us and defines our colors as a CPE. In this platform, you will find various information such as our values, "Who are we?", our vision of educational quality, the interventions we focus on and much more.

Towards the Pacific

Towards the Pacific is an educational program that we present to our groups of children aged between 3 and 4 years old. It aims to develop their social skills, and more specifically, their autonomy in conflict resolution. The different skills that the children will learn will allow them to establish peaceful interpersonal relationships. This program is a good springboard to the school world since it is also used in many elementary schools with children

Music program

For several years now, the CPE has been implementing a music program that was designed by educators at the center. From the nursery, the children are introduced to different rhythms and sounds. Music also helps the children develop their concentration and listening skills, which are very important. The activities offered to the children are scheduled once a week from October to May

I'm careful! I'm happy!

The "I'm Careful! I'm Happy!" program is a fire safety awareness program designed specifically for toddlers. It is included in the children's schedule. It allows children to discover the principles of prevention and the different instructions to follow in specific situations

In addition, at CPE Bombardier, we have monthly inspections of our facilities by Bombardier Aerospace firefighters as well as an annual evacuation practice to ensure that we are prepared for all eventualities. During the evacuation practice, the children have a chance to interact with the firefighters who take the time to visit the children in their rooms.

Educational files and periodic portraits

In order to allow you to follow the evolution of your child's development and to promote a harmonious transition between educational environments, whether it is school or another daycare service, the Minister of Family has implemented the educational file. In this educational file, we find an identification page for the child, the periodic portraits, if the child benefits from a particular support and all the documents related to it.

What is a periodic global developmental portrait? It is a document that describes the state of your child's development in the following four areas: physical/motor, language, cognitive and social/emotional. This portrait is sent to you twice a year, no later than December 15 and June 15.